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St. Mary's Primary School, Carland, Dungannon, County Tyrone

Our School Crest

In 2010, we invited pupils to enter our ‘Design a School Crest' competition!

We wanted the crest to reflect the key elements of our school, our community and its history. Many children entered, drawing symbols that they felt represented the school and reflecting what makes St. Mary's PS unique.

The themes of faith, learning, friendship, fun, sports, strong roots, history/tradition and being connected to our community came through very strongly in the children's ideas.
It was very difficult selecting the components for the final design as the children's ideas were so wonderful. We do feel, however, that our new crest brings together all the ideas successfully.

The crest shows:

  • the Cross to represent our Catholic faith;
  • Mary, the Mother of Jesus, representing ‘family';
  • the significance of ‘Mary' in our school name;
  • the colour yellow as ‘Lios Bui' (Lisbuoy in Irish) means "The Yellow Fort";
  • the light blue colour of the cross which is often associated with Mary;
  • jigsaw pieces representing connected learning in our curriculum and our connections to our community, as well as teamwork in our school;
  • the tradition of Gaelic sports in our school and community;
  • children holding hands representing friendship and fun at school and feeling like a ‘big family';
  • a tree representing growing and having strong roots, with the branches representing the generations of families educated at St. Mary's PS.

The final Crest design for our school uniform was introduced in September 2010.

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