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St. Mary's Primary School, Carland, Dungannon, County Tyrone

Special Needs

Central to the ethos of St. Mary's PS is the determination to provide an environment and an experience in which learning and development can take place, within a supportive, stimulating, happy and co-operative community.

The school's provision for pupils with Special Needs takes account of The Special Needs Code of Practice, SENDO and other relevant legislation and guidelines. Children with special educational needs may include those with learning difficulties, emotional and behavioural problems, medical conditions, speech and language difficulties, visual and aural impairments and physical disabilities.

The school has clear procedures for the identification, provision and evaluation of Special Needs support within the school. This was noted in the school's ETI Inspection Report (October 2009) :

One of the strengths of the school includes ... "very good provision for children with special educational needs and the steady progress which they make in their learning."

A copy of the school's ‘Special Needs Policy' is available from the school on request.

Special Needs Policy